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This is a community for sharing fanfic of any kind. It's difficult to find fics for specific things, unless they are archived (much like at fanfiction.net) So this community will have ALL fics posted listed in the memories section.

1. Please leave feedback if you have read someone's fic.
2. Please do not bash other people's work. Constructive criticism is okay, but simply saying "That's rubbish" is not helpful, and you will be banned.
3. Please use an lj cut when posting your fic!
4. Please include content warnings in your post (above the cut) so that people know what they are going to read about
5. Please try to refrain from writing fics about rape (it's not something everyone is comfortable with)
6. When posting a fic, please submit it by using the following form...

Title: The title you have given your writing
Fandom: The fandom(s) your fic is based on
Pairings (if any): The ships you have included in your fic
Chapter: The chapter number if you are writing more than one (You may also include links to previous chapters)
Rating: PG13, NC17, etc (If you are unsure about what rating to give your fic, please check HERE - or contact the Mod for help)
Spoilers: If your fic is based on events within episodes please state where in the series your fic ends. Eg. Spoilers upto 2.07 "Episode Name" (If you're stuck feel free to ask for help)
Warnings: Anything that you think people would need to know before reading (eg. Violence, Slash, etc)
Summary: A short summary of what your fic is about


If you would like to become an affiliate, please comment HERE