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Bree's Pearls

Title: Bree's Pearls
Fandom: Desperate Housewives
Pairings: Bree/Lynette
Chapter: Part I
Rating: NC18
Warnings: Slash, Violence, BDSM theme, verbal and physical humiliation
Summary: Lynette finds Bree tied to the bed in the psychiatric hospital and takes her down a notch or two.

Bree Van deKamp stared at the ceiling, counting the number of holes in each tiled square. One hundred and three. It kept her mind off of the impending danger her daughter, Danielle, was possibly facing having run away with a murderer. She’d tried leaving the hospital and had been met with her psychiatrist’s anger and a needle full of tranquilizers.

With a short cry, Bree tugged at her restraints, her wrists burned and her shoulders ached from the effort. It was useless, she was tethered to the bed until the doctor ordered her release and who knew when that would be.

The hundred and three holes in the ceiling tile began to blur as her vision clouded. After she’d abandoned Andrew on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, Bree had been so wracked with guilt and regret she hadn’t been able to sleep. She’d snapped at Danielle’s friends at her faux 17th birthday; and when Danielle had run away with Matthew, Bree knew she had to seek help before she fell completely apart. Admitting herself into the hospital for a long rest had seemed like a good plan at the time but now, with her daughter running around with a murderer while she was tied to a hospital bed, Bree felt she had made a dire mistake coming here.

The door opened a crack and someone from the maintenance crew shoved his way in, mop in hand. Bree quickly gathered herself together and shone a disarming smile his way. “Why, good afternoon Sir. How are you today?”

The janitor threw her an annoyed look and barked a one word answer. “Fine.”

“Good. Umm. Could I bother you to possibly loosen these? They are incredibly tight and I don’t think there’s anything against loosening them. Would you mind?” Bree batted her lashes and turned her smile on. Her charm and personality was all she had left, she felt like her mind had left her ages ago.

“Look lady.” He sneered as he stepped closer to her. “I’m not stupid. The second I loosen those restraints, you’re going to scratch my eyes out. And frankly, I get a kick watching haughty bitches like you writhe in your own filth. If you know what I mean.” He chuckled cruelly through his snarling and turned his back on her.

Bree bit her lip and tugged quietly at the restraints, feeling quite unsafe in his presence. Just as she felt her left wrist move slightly, a hand closed firmly around it and a familiar voice spoke firmly. “I’ll take it from here….Mark. You can go.” Bree looked up to see Lynette Scavo dressed in a lap coat with a nametag that read Dr. Martens.

“But I haven’t finished the floor yet and I…”

“I need to have a confidential discussion with my patient Mark; I’ll speak to your supervisor if there is a problem.”

Mark shrugged, thrust his mop back in the bucket and grumbled under his breath as he left. A set of keys jangled as Lynette locked the door behind him and turned to face Bree with a smile on her face. “Oh Lynette, thank goodness! How did you find me?”

Lynette pulled a chair up to Bree and sat down, smoothing her hair away from her face. “Orson told me he’d seen you here. He saw you struggling with the orderlies yesterday and heard what you said about Danielle. I caught him on his way to Susan’s and he told me what happened. Of course, I came as soon as I could but getting in here was a bit more difficult.”

“How did yo-?”

“That’s not important. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“Well, as you can see I’m far from okay.” Bree replied sharply, then her face softened. “I’m sorry Lynette, I’m terribly worried about Danielle. Would you undo these restraints please? I have to get out of here, she’s in trouble. Matthew murdered Melanie Foster, not Caleb. I have to find them.”

“I can’t do that Bree.”

Bree Van deKamp looked at her friend, the neighbour she’d known for over five years and felt fear at the cold resolve she saw in Lynette’s gaze. “What are you talking about Lynette?”

“We have a few things to discuss first.” The chair scrapped loudly on the floor as Lynette stood and began unbuttoning her lab coat. Shrugging out of it, she tossed it onto the chair and straightened her white suit, fingering the creases and standing before Bree with a sardonic smile. “Firstly, how do I look?”

“Lynette, what the hell are you doing? I have to get out of here. Danielle is with a murderer. She could be dead for all I know.” Bree seethed with anger, fighting against her bindings and trying to sit up. All of a sudden her head snapped back and pain flared up the left side of her face, her mouth fell open as she gasped. “You slapped me!”

Lynette soothed her tingling palm against the cool fabric of her immaculate suit and tilted her head with a smile. “You didn’t answer my question Bree. How do I look?” Her words punctuated with the click of her stilettos as she neared the hospital bed. Bree, still in shock from the slap, just stared at Lynette.

“You see, Bree, out of anyone I know you appreciate appearance. A first impression lasts a lifetime. And I know what you say about me behind my back. Your little jokes about the baby spit on my shoulder, the handprints on the back of my skirt, the dirt under my fingernails.”

“Lynette, I don… ”

“Shut up!” Lynette barked as she grabbed a briefcase Bree hadn’t seen her bring in. “You know it’s true. You look down on me for being real. That’s all it is Bree. I’m real. You’re repressed version of Martha Stewart perfection is not. It’s inhuman and disturbing. You’re not leaving here until you’ve felt what it really means to be real.”

While Bree looked on in horror, Lynette opened the briefcase and removed a terrifying contraption. “Open your mouth.”

“What? No. Lynette, what the hell is that? I don’t talk about you behind your back. I don’t look down on you! Lynette. Please.”

“Open your mouth.”

“I don’t understand wha..” Lynette’s hand snaked out and silenced Bree as it closed around her jaw tightly forcing it open. She thrust the metal gag into her mouth and opened it as wide as it would go.

“Do you know what this is Bree? Did you see this little toy during your research when Rex was begging you to dominate him? It’s called a dental gag. I’m sure you can see why.”

Shaking her head, Bree struggled to swallow the excessive amounts of saliva pooling in her mouth. Staring at Lynette with wide eyes, she tugged harder on her restraints and whimpered; imploring Lynette with her gaze to let her go.

“For years I’ve watched you Bree. With your perfect dinner parties, your expensive wine, your ever-present string of pearls. I’ve watched as your husband left you, cheated on you, began to resent you. While your children slowly began to hate you. It irks me that through all this drama and imperfection, you still judge me. For the way I raise my children, for the way I dress, for the way I run my household and handle my marriage. Who are you to judge, Bree Van deKamp? Your life is falling apart and look where you’ve ended up – admitting yourself into a psychiatric hospital.”

While she spoke, Lynette was slowly unbuttoning Bree’s sweater. Bree began to tremble, unable to anticipate her neighbour’s next move. Coughing, she choked on the saliva pooling in her mouth and reddened with humiliation as spit sprayed out and landed on her cheek. Lynette looked down at her and laughed cruelly.

“Perfect Bree.” She twisted a strand of crimson around one finger and yanked hard, chuckling as Bree yelped and her head tilted. “Pretty, perfect Bree.” Leaning down, Lynette drew her tongue along the exposed pulse on Bree’s throat and laughed as Bree jumped and began to fight against her bounds.

“Oh relax. I thought you were over your homophobic phase. What with Andrew being gay and all.” Walking away, Lynette filled a glass from the tap in the bathroom and held it up over Bree’s mouth. “Thirsty darling? Those dental gags dry out a person’s mouth quickly.” Tipping the glass, she dripped a bit of water into Bree’s mouth. Swallowing quickly, Bree’s eyes grew bigger. Suddenly water was filling her mouth and she gagged on it, trying to swallow the liquid as quickly as Lynette was pouring it down her throat. Coughing violently, Bree’s eyes watered as she fought to breathe through the water drowning her.

Grabbing the nape of Bree’s neck, Lynette raised her head and watched with amusement as she spat the water out, soaking her sweater and dripping down the sliver of flesh visible between the undone buttons. Bree shivered and felt her eyes water; she couldn’t understand why Lynette was doing this to her – they’d been such good friends.

“You’re drooling Bree. That’s very unbecoming of a lady. In fact, it’s pretty disgusting.” Lynette ran a finger through Bree’s drool, dragging her lip down unattractively and smearing her saliva across her cheek. Sneering, Lynette released her and watched Bree’s head fall back down onto the pillow which she deftly snatched from her and placed on the nearby chair. “You don’t deserve comfort my dear. You deserve the hell you put your family through with your high expectations and impossible standards. Just how perfect does someone have to be before you’ll love them Bree?” Reaching forward, she tore the gag out of Bree’s mouth.

“Jesus Christ Lynette!” Bree tongued the bloody cut at the corner of her mouth and tried to glare at her friend with dignity while she coughed and sputtered, trying to pull herself together once more. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Wrong with me? Nothing. Nothing is wrong with me Bree Van deKamp. You are the one with the problem. The dead husband, the disastrous children. My kids may be chaotic darling but at least they would never dream of fucking my boyfriend in revenge for being a bad mother.”

Bree gave up glaring at Lynette, she felt like she’d been stabbed in the heart. Andrew and Peter’s betrayal had been the last straw in her battle to maintain control over her son’s life. He’d gone too far sleeping with her boyfriend, the sex addict. Lost in thought, it took Bree a moment to realize that the cold feeling against her skin was a switchblade.


“Oh no Bree, no amount of begging is going to get you out of this. I have been waiting a long time to teach you this lesson. Now, I will ask you again – how do I look?” Lynette swept her arms out and turned once in front of Bree.

“Fine. Lynette, you look fine. What do you want from me?”

“I don’t look fine Bree. I look fucking beautiful. Tell me I look beautiful.” She held the switchblade’s point against the hollow in her friend’s throat.
Swallowing, Bree could feel the cold steel and saw the determination in Lynette’s eyes. She complied quietly. “You look beautiful Lynette.”

The switchblade trailed down Bree’s collarbone and sank into the shadow of her cleavage. “Thatta girl. From now on, you’re going to listen when I talk. Aren’t you Bree?”


Lynette grabbed the fabric of Bree’s bra and nearly lifted her off the bed, slipping the switchblade under the strap and cutting through the middle with a snap. “Yes Ma’am.”

Bree gasped as her bra was cut and quivered, licking at her dry mouth. “Yes. Yes, Ma’am.” She was familiar with the sound of that, only she had been on the receiving end. It had made her very uncomfortable to hear Rex say those words and to see him kneeling naked, begging for her to spank him. Bree found it utterly humiliating and degrading, having been disgusted with him and herself for participating in such debasing activities in the bedroom.

“How could you have been so blind Bree? We’ve been so close all these years and yet, you never suspected that my feelings for you ran any deeper than dear friendship. Did you?” As she spoke, Lynette sliced through Bree’s sweater and pulled the remnants out from underneath her. Cutting through her bra straps, she tossed them aside and gazed down at the naked torso of her dear, repressed friend.

“Do they?” Bree couldn’t help keeping the surprise out of her voice. Lynette was married. She had four kids. There is no way this woman could think of Bree as anything more than a friend and neighbour and yet she was saying just that. “Lynette, you’re married.”

Lynette laughed and reached down to smooth her palm over Bree’s cheek, sliding lower to curl her fingers around Bree’s neck, placing enough pressure to feel her pulse. “Tom doesn’t understand my needs. What I need…” Her grasp tightened and cut off Bree’s air, watching as her eyes widened and she struggled with the lack of oxygen. “ you Bree. Your repressed perfection appeals to my darker nature.”

Twisting under Lynette’s grasp, Bree kicked out to no avail, she felt herself growing dizzy with the lack of air and her eyes rolled in the back of her head. The moment the darkness came, Lynette released her and air rushed back into her lungs. Gasping and coughing, she cringed and curled up into herself. Her voice was hoarse as she fought to find it again; “What are you going to do to me?”

Lynette leaned down and drew a circle around Bree’s breast with her tongue, flicking it at the nipple before nipping sharply at the soft flesh. Bree yelped in protest and tried to squirm away. “Fight all you want Mrs. Van deKamp, I like it better that way.” Lynette growled against Bree’s breast before she sank her teeth into the vulnerable skin and bore down hard.

Bree screamed and drew her knee up, hitting Lynette in the ribs; with a curse, Lynette hauled up and slapped Bree across the face once more. “Calm the fuck down bitch. I’m not going to permanently damage you and who knows, you might even enjoy yourself.”

Whimpering, Bree tried to calm down. If nothing else, Lynette was her friend and had been her neighbour for years, she trusted that she wouldn’t be hurt though she was a bit afraid of what was to come. “Yes….Ma’am.”

“That’s better. Now, if I remove these restraints, can I trust you to be a good little girl and do as I say?” Cocking an eyebrow, Lynette tugged at Bree’s restrained wrists with a slow grin.

“Lynette, I’m afraid for Danielle. I can’t stay here much longer.”

Dropping the restraints, Lynette held up the dental gag with a threatening stare. “Do I need to put this back in Bree? From this moment on I don’t want to hear another word about Danielle and Matthew. Understood?”

Bree looked from the gag to Lynette, deciding that she meant business. “I understand.”

“Good.” Swiftly, Lynette untied Bree and watched with satisfaction as she sat up, rubbing her wrists and wincing slightly. She was so untouchable in every day life and yet here, she was full of vulnerability and pain. It fueled the fire in Lynette and she ached to take her down, deeper into the darkest recesses of her mind. “Strip.”

Bree’s eyes grew wide and it seemed she just realized she was topless, her arms becoming a barrier in front of her naked breasts and she began to shake her head. Lynette grabbed a handful of fiery strands and hauled Bree to her feet. Holding her firmly with one hand, she flipped open the switchblade with the other and pressed it to the fluttering beat of Bree’s jugular. “Now, cunt!”

No one had ever spoken to Bree thusly, ever. She felt anger flare in her and a deep seeded humiliation. Embarrassed at even hearing those words spoken, she felt her cheeks rouge and was angry at herself for being so transparent. She kicked off her running shoes and with fumbling fingers, undid her pants, hooking her thumbs into the waistband of both pants and underwear and pulling them down. Lynette’s grip eased as Bree did as she was told and she dropped her hand to allow the movement.

Naked and shivering, Bree straightened and closed her eyes, taking a moment to regroup. A strange and unfamiliar feeling fluttered in the pit of her stomach as she stood bared in front of this woman. Slowly, her eyes opened and she presented herself with as much pride as she could muster. With a soft gasp, she felt the tip of the blade trail over her outer thigh, across her hip and make its way toward her navel. She held her breath, her eyes stilled in Lynette’s ardent gaze, and she knew she was trembling; the distinction between fear and desire hard to pinpoint.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you darling Bree?” Bree shook her head. “Let go. Let yourself go and find the sort of release not even obsessive housework can give you.”
She’d seen Rex do it a thousand times, although unlike those times it felt right to be the one sinking to her knees. Her head bowed as she reached out and brushed her fingertips against Lynette’s ankle. “Why me Lynette?”

Lynette sank her fingers into Bree’s hair and gently pulled her head back, purring softly. “Because pet, I’ve been dying to tousle that perfect hair of yours for years. You will look very pretty with a dirty face.”

... To be Continued ...

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